Monday, June 2, 2014

Geomorph 2.1 Now Available!

Geomorph users,

We have uploaded version 2.1 to CRAN. The windows and mac binaries have been compiled and the tarball is available.

Version 2.1 comes with some small changes and new features: 

Mike Collyer has now officially joined the geomorph team!

New functions 
pairwise.slope.test() to compare slopes of regression lines. This is based on a new paper by Mike Collyer and colleagues (Collyer, M.L., D.J. Sekora, and D.C. Adams. 2014. A method for analysis of phenotypic change for phenotypes described by high-dimensional data. Heredity. In Press) 

procD.pgls() to assess high-dimensional ANOVA and regression models in a phylogenetic context. This is based on a new paper by Dean Adams (Adams, D.C. 2014. A method for assessing phylogenetic least squares models for shape and other high-dimensional multivariate data. Evolution. In Press)

New features
We have added residual randomization options added to procD.lm()and pairwiseD.test(), as described in Collyer et al. 2014.

We have also enhanced capabilities of the digitizing function digitize2d(). The function now reads multiple images and outputs a TPS file. It can be used with missing data. And a digitizing session can be restarted where previous session stopped. In this overhaul, we have fixed a bug in the previous digitize2d() regarding the scale. If any users think they are affected by this, please contact Emma (sherratt[at]iastate[dot]edu).


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