Friday, January 3, 2014

Geomorph and MacOS X

Happy New Year to all Geomorph users,

I have received a few emails from Mac users wanting to update to the new version of Geomorph. Unfortunately there is still a lag on the CRAN repository for a MacOS X binary of version 1.1-5. While this is a nuisance, there is a work around.

The package source 'tarball' can be installed in R or RStudio: Download the tarball (.tar.gz), and then navigate to the Package Installer and choose the Local Source Package option. To do this, you will need to make sure you have C and Fortran compilers installed (see below).

First, read thoroughly the R FAQs. The process has become simpler with newer versions of R, but still involves two main downloads: Go to the tools page to install gofortran. Also install the free Xcode 5 (from the App store) - this is the developer tools package. Once installed XQuartz needs to be open when running R.
EDIT: Update Jan 22 2014: Make sure also to have the following libraries installed before installing the .tar.gz file: jpeg, calibrate, vegan, ape, geiger.
EDIT: Update Jan 23 2014: Also, when installing Xcode tools, make sure to go to preferences and install the "command line tools".

If you have any problems, please make sure you have the current version of all software being used (R, Xcode, gofortran). We hope that CRAN will upload the Mac binary soon.


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