Thursday, February 14, 2013

Major update to the R-package geomorph

Hi Folks,

We have just completed a major update to the R-package geomorph:
software for geometric morphometric analyses in R.  Included are several new functions to  carry out additional GM analyses, as well as enhancements of existing functions and analyses.  The major highlights of these changes are:

- New function for the analysis of bilateral symmetry (both object and matching symmetry)
- Integration and modularity functions improved
- Comparison of modular partitions can allow more than two partitions
- New function for writing tps files
- New function for adjusting articulation angles
- Expanded functionality of motion and trajectory analysis function
- Additional data output options included in plotting and analysis routines

Full details of changes can be found in the geomorph manual (found on link below).

Geomorph can be downloaded from the CRAN website and package

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